The college seeks to achieve the certificate of overall quality management, and to achieve first class in the performance of nursing colleges due to the excellency in performance. Reinforcing health life in the community to decrease the death rates and morbidity. Furthermore, providing chances of after graduate studies and prepare well qualified cadres.


1.Teaching students in a scientific environment that help beginners and trainees

 2.The college staff and professors are keen to plant humanitarian principal between students that makes health a natural right in their behaviors when they perform their job.

3.Graduates can perform nursing after having the criteria that meet the law and work organization.

4.Preparing a well-qualified cadres able to treat people according to the adopted national criteria and modern and latest medical devices.


General objective
Preparing a well-qualified cadres to serve the community, family, and individuals.
Special objectives
1.Preparing a well-qualified cadres able to work and provide preventive, therapeutic, clinical and rehabilitative services.

2.Improving the abilities of students to follow the scientific steps in nursing care.

3.Make sure that the students understand health and nursing principals and theories.

4.Preparing q well qualified cadres able of team work with the health cadres in the different health institutions.

5.Preparing a well-qualified cadres that have the potentials of planning and conducting the rules of health on the international and local levels.